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  • Career & College Clubs provides direction to my students and helps them stay focused on school.

    Khushwinder Gill

    Principal George Kelly School, Tracy, CA

  • The Career & College Club is a unique way for young students to plan their futures before those critical high school years.

    John Gomez

    CCC Coach, Speech Pathologist Washington Irving Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

  • As an Administrator, the [Career & College Clubs] program has three very attractive features. First, the CCC is an outstanding compliment to our academic and extracurricular offerings…second, the curriculum is very flexible…


    Superintendent Bassett Unified School District, La Puente, CA

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  • A Letter To My Eighth Graders

    Dear Students, As you head into high school, you will learn many life lessons on your own. Chances are your heart will be broken at least once, you’ll wonder how someone trusted you enough to put you behind the wheel of a car, and you’ll learn what the outside world is like when you get […]

  • Providing Financial Aid Information in Middle School

    The Urban Institute recently published, “Delivering Early Information About College Financial Aid: Exploring the Options for Middle School Students.” The authors, Sandy Baum, Sarah Minton, and Lorraine Blatt, investigated alternate, effective ways of providing financial aid information to middle school students and their families. The reasons behind their research are well documented in other studies.  […]

  • Nominations Open for CTE U.S. Presidential Scholars | Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

    On June 22, 2015, President Obama signed an expansion of the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program to include students with outstanding scholarship and achievement in career and technical education (CTE) Source: Nominations Open for CTE U.S. Presidential Scholars | Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

  • Career and College Pathways Are True Pathways

    A recent report by Mary G. Visher of MDRC and David Stern of the University of California, Berkeley, emphasizes the growing need for career and college pathways while providing evidence of its successes.  This report comes at an important time in the discussion of career and college pathways, as more and more employers are recognizing […]