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  • The student response to CCC has been very positive so far. For example, students who are reluctant to answer questions are much more likely to answer their peer mentors’ questions and have good discussions. One of my 8th grade mentors said today, “I love being a mentor! It is the most fun, ever!” Students have been surprised when it is time to leave class. What, we’re done already?

    Teresa Jaggers

    Teacher, Zoneton Middle School

  • My students are thriving in high school with 3.5 to 4.0 GPA's. They are taking A.P. and honor classes. They are graduating from the police explorer program. Most importantly, they are taking ownership of their goals. I am very proud of them and I know [Career & College Clubs] is the source behind their individual success stories.

    Sherry De Fontenelle

    Counselor, Ellen Ochoa Learning Center

  • Student Outcomes

    The odds of enrolling in college are 85% higher for Career & College Clubs students than for students in a comparison group.

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  • Map of our Sites 2008-2015

    Since 2008, Career & College Clubs has grown from a few sites to over 350 sites.

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    A complete overview of Career & College Clubs in less than 5 minutes.

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