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  • Career & College Clubs provides direction to my students and helps them stay focused on school.

    Khushwinder Gill

    Principal George Kelly School, Tracy, CA

  • INFOGRAPHIC: The College & Career Pathway for Middle School Students

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  • The Career & College Club is a unique way for young students to plan their futures before those critical high school years.

    John Gomez

    CCC Coach, Speech Pathologist Washington Irving Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

  • As an Administrator, the [Career & College Clubs] program has three very attractive features. First, the CCC is an outstanding compliment to our academic and extracurricular offerings…second, the curriculum is very flexible…


    Superintendent Bassett Unified School District, La Puente, CA

  • The [Career & College Clubs] lesson plans were great, they tie directly into the AVID curriculum, and some of the students really enjoyed being able to teach to and learn from their peers.

    Jeff Ferguson

    Coach, 7th Grade AVID Teacher Clifton Middle School, Monrovia, CA

  • The CCC curriculum is well thought out, accessible and very relevant. The students gained an appreciation for the AVID strategies used in class as a means to gaining the knowledge they need to achieve their goal of attending college. For my 7th graders, the CCC curriculum made college preparation a much less daunting task because, at this early age, they understand better what lies ahead of them.

    Jenny Braun

    CCC Coach, 7th Grade AVID Teacher El Roble Intermediate School, Claremont, CA

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    In April 2014, the Departments of Education (ED), Health and Human Services (HHS), and Labor (DOL) issued a Request for Information (RFI) about career pathway systems. They sought information and recommendations from the public and private sectors. The RFI requested descriptions of current career pathways systems, the roles and responsibilities of career pathways partners, how […]

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  • New Video Showcases Career & College Clubs

      A new video features Career & College Clubs, a growing effort to empower students in the middle grades with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in high school, college, and life. Career & College Clubs has been adopted by schools across the United States as an affordable, effective approach to improving student readiness […]