What makes a good middle school?

admin | Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Professors Ilene Rothschild and Howard Miller of Mercy College listed elements of a strong middle school for The Journal News in “View: What makes a good middle school? ” The authors highlighted the design and organization elements of a middle school that “operate[s] with the needs of the young adolescent learner in mind.”

For the authors, a strong middle school is safe, secure, and welcoming.  It is one that breaks students into teams, making navigation easier while allowing more developed relationships with teachers and students. They underscore the need for strong health and physical education programs to instill healthy goals while the students go through a period of rapid growth. They suggest that the physical education programs impart soft skills, such as team-building.

The authors propose a strong middle school helps students tackle emotional and psychological concerns with strong counseling and social services. Preferably, the counselor will stay with the student through his years in middle school.

Lastly, Rothschild and Miller suggest a strong middle school program recognizes all of its students by giving them a chance to shine. This means providing them opportunities besides academics or sports.

At Career & College Clubs, we couldn’t agree more.   Career & College Clubs supplements and enhances the aspects of a strong middle school. Through peer-to-peer learning, students gain teamwork and leadership skills while promoting a culture of success throughout the school.

What are your thoughts on what makes a strong middle school? How can extracurricular programs complement the academic needs of middle school students?

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