Survey: Teachers Support College and Career Readiness

admin | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ninety-five five percent of California teachers support setting a goal of college and career readiness for public school students, according to the results of a new survey sponsored by EdSource in partnership with the California Teachers Association.

While most of the survey focused on the high school level, some of the survey results are relevant for stakeholders concerned with college and career preparation in middle school and junior high school:


  • Only 76 percent of middle school and junior high school teachers thought the goal of ensuring that students in their school graduate from high school prepared for college and careers was realistic.

edsource survey chart1


  • Middle school and junior high school teachers believe linked learning programs are the most needed resource to ensure students are better prepared for college and career (61%), followed by career technical programs (55%), more school counselors (49%), and more professional development (40%).

edsource survey chart2


Based on our experience with hundreds of California middle schools and junior high schools, the results are not surprising. Educators are incredibly concerned that students are not prepared for success after high school, and are desperate for additional supports to improve student outcomes.

Our work with schools is focused on providing affordable, student-centered resources to help educators prepare their students for postsecondary success.

For additional insights from the survey, visit EdSource.


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