Forty-seven percent of American high school graduates do not complete either a college- or career-ready course of study, defined as the standard 15-course sequence required for entry at many public colleges, along with three or more credits in a broad career field such as health science or business, according to a new study by The Education Trust.

Moreover, only 8 percent of graduates have taken a full college- and career- ready curriculum.

The study, Meandering Toward Graduation: Transcript Outcomes of High School Graduates, further reinforces the need for activities before high school to prepare students to make the most of their high school years.

For example, Career & College Clubs helps middle grade students understand their postsecondary opportunities – in both college and career – and make plans in high school to achieve their goals. And the program has been proven to work:

  • For schools that participated in Career & College Clubs for more than one year, there are statistically significant, school-wide increases in the percentage of students planning to take a college-ready core curriculum in high school, as well as the percentage of students planning to go college.
  • The percentage of students who have not made any postsecondary plans is lower in the schools served by Career & College Clubs than for all schools.
  • Most importantly, the odds of enrolling in college are 86% higher for students who participate in Career & College Clubs.

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