Career Readiness: Practicing Conflict Resolution

admin | Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Having students align their interest to possible career pathways is a great start to career readiness, but so much more is needed. It’s also about having students learn the skills that employers are looking for in potential employees. And they can’t just learn them, but they need to practice them.

One of the soft skills that helps anyone in their career is conflict resolution. The ability to negotiate, persuade, and resolve conflict is crucial in the workplace environment.

Within the Career & College Clubs curriculum, there are activities dedicated to students not only learning about what conflict resolution means, but also practicing this important skill. Students will discuss conflict-resolution strategies, learning how to mediate and resolve conflicts into a “win-win” solution. And then students will role-play realistic scenarios to practice conflict resolution skills and “win-win” strategies.

Having the ability to resolve conflict will not only help with communication, but also help in managing emotions. Conflict is unavoidable and occurs every day. Helping students learn this vital skill at a young will prepare them for their careers, but also will positively impact their everyday lives.

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