Want to raise empowered women? Start in middle school.

admin | Thursday, February 16, 2017

A February 15th article in the Washington Post entitled, “Want to raise empowered women? Start in middle school.” is written by a school counselor who is a parent to a 13-year-old daughter. In the article she shares “seven tips parents can give middle school girls to help them keep their confidence at a vulnerable time and develop skills they will need for the workplace.”

The abbreviated list is below, but we encourage you to read the full article for greater understanding of the importance of conveying these tips to young women, as parents, yes, but also as respected educators in their lives.

  1. Don’t try to be perfect
  2. Identify mentors
  3. Own your success
  4. Manage your money
  5. Strive for self-care
  6. Stick up for yourself
  7. Don’t let anyone define your goals

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