Career & College Clubs:  In Introduction for GEAR UP

Materials from the March 2017 Webinar


The following materials from our webinar on March 9, 2017 are available for viewing and download.

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Career & College Clubs Intro for GEAR UP and Q&A



Sample Lesson

Exploration- Session 6

 Why Consider Career & College Clubs for Your GEAR UP Program?

Shared Goals

Career & College Clubs shares the GEAR UP goal of increasing the number of low‐income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. In the 300 schools that have adopted Career & College Clubs, 76% of students are eligible for Free and Reduced Price Meals.

Focusing on the non‐academic prerequisites of college and career readiness, Career & College Clubs is based on a sequence of research‐based standards and milestones for grades 7 through 12 developed by NCCEP. The standards explore the following content areas: college readiness, career readiness, academic behaviors, and social‐emotional skills.

Students as Leaders

True to Career & College Clubs’ core belief that students are valued and can make important contributions, students themselves are heavily involved in development and revision of the curriculum. As a result, the curriculum has an emphasis on student empowerment and leadership, and the activities are designed to appeal to the unique interests of early teenagers.

For this age group, in particular, peers are incredibly influential, which is why Career & College Clubs harnesses the power of peers to encourage positive behaviors and a culture of achievement. This strategy is especially important for encouraging at‐risk students to aspire to postsecondary education, as they may have fewer adult role models.

Turnkey Solution

Once a site signs on, they receive everything they need to successfully implement Career & College Clubs. NCCEP provides a comprehensive curriculum, implementation recommendations, staff training, and ongoing support to ensure students maximize their potential.

An NCCEP Program

Career & College Clubs was transferred to NCCEP in 2016. Shortly thereafter, NCCEP began the process of aligning the program more closely with GEAR UP by expanding to 12th grade and developing implementation models that account for the unique needs of GEAR UP sites.

Future NCCEP/GEAR UP conferences will include programming specific to Career & College Clubs.