Report from TCSA Conference

admin | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Filed by Kevin Linell, program coordinator

Texas Charter School Association Conference  (TCSA)
Navigating the Future

Hot topics
Proper and improper Counseling – Dr. Alan Seay (Sharpening the Axe)
Strong educational Atmosphere – Dr. Marco Hinijosa (It takes a village, literally)
Common core is losing its edge – Karen Sykes (The Ticking Traumatized Brain)
Grassroots Organizations in full swing – Martha Fernandez, Samantha Womack, Korey Mack & Becky Madole

Most inspiring moment
Listening to a dialogue from a group regarding knowing how to deal with loss, learning how to gain from it and lead others to rebuild from it. This forum was so strong the panel was speechless, watching the group just speak passionately about getting back on their feet from fiscal loss, brainstorming how to start anew making the plan, set concrete unwavering goals with time expectancies and realizing the results. Amazing to hear and watch!

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